Through this site, your child will learn what blogging is. They will also learn how to write blogs through our fun games.

In the first grade, Your child might be exposed to blogging as part of their studies on non-fiction books. They’ll be taught how to write about blogs and what an actual blog page is.

We discuss what the purpose of a blog can be and explore the functions of blogs.

We’ve got a range of exciting activities for your child to learn how to write for the blog and a wide range of suggestions for writing non-fiction.

What’s the significance of blogs?

Before your child begins thinking about the things they’d like to write for the blog, it’s helpful to understand the goal of a blog.

A blog is a written piece. The blog is the shorter version of a ‘weblog.’

A blog writer is called a “blogger,” a single blogger or a select blogger group usually writes blogs.

Blogs are featured on web pages or websites. These sites are updated frequently every day to keep the content up-to-date.

Liveblogs are simultaneously written as a live event, for example, an event in sports or a television show.

What are the characteristics of blogs?

The blog is generally informal and casual as if someone is speaking to you, the reader.

The goal is to catch the interest of the reader right immediately.

One of the primary features of blogs is that they must be timely and current. This is why blogs can be a fantastic way to interact with other people.

A blog is often launched with an outline of the blog’s contents or menus to provide a glimpse of the content.

A blog will include the main content section.

The blog’s conclusion will include the words “call to action,” which the writer wants the reader to consider or do in the next.

Users can comment on blogs to participate in online discussions within the blogging community.

This way, a blog can trigger discussions and debates over many subjects and issues.

Ten Activities on What to Write for a Blog and Non-fiction Texts

There’s plenty to choose from through our activities on the Parents Hub, with various writing suggestions for your child to complete at home.

How to Write a Blog Pack

This pack is packed with activities for children aged 7-11 on how to write for a blog. It includes everything your child will need for this exercise.

Your child will be able to create a blog, create a home page for their blog, and then build your blog, ensuring your blog’s content is based on the characteristics of blogs.

How to Write an Effective Blog Comment Activity

One of the main advantages of blogs is the capability to write comments to the blogger.

Which of the remarks on this poster require some tweaking before they are posted online?

Non-Chronological Report Poster

A report is a non-fiction piece of writing, like a fact file or information leaflet.

This poster offers suggestions for your child about how to organize their reports and what they should include.

What Makes a Good Advert PowerPoint

We’re bombarded with advertisements; however, what exactly does an appealing advertisement appear like?

This PowerPoint provides the answer and can be a fantastic way to teach your child how to utilize their audience’s language to convince them.

Persuasive Language Word Mat

We love this fantastic word mat, packed with valid words and phrases to assist your child in getting familiar with the art of persuasiveness!

This video also contains many ideas and activities to help you practice compelling writing.

How to Write a Formal Letter

Your child in years 1 and 2 will begin to understand how to write formal letters.

This knowledge organizer has all the information they require, including the best way to begin and close the letter and an extensive list of phrases to use.

Your child will learn more about how to write a formal letter on our website.

Features of a Diary Entry Checklist

Another type of non-fiction writing is keeping a diary. Most often, when using the present tense, the journal is a record of events according to the order in which they occurred, but also writing about feelings and thoughts.

This checklist will assist your child to develop their writing skills for journals.

Newspaper Report Pack

Before beginning a particular kind of writing, it is recommended that your kid looks at various examples of this type of work.

Here are newspapers with reports to help prepare your child to write an article for the newspaper.

How Writing is Used in the Real-World Video

What can we do with writing in our daily lives? This video will provide your child with a range of activities based on letter writing, newspapers, and emails.

The video above could be from an unrelated source. We cannot assume any liability for any video taken from third-party sources. We would appreciate your letting us know that the video has stopped functioning.

Posters and Leaflets Checklist

What’s the secret to writing an effective leaflet?

The eye-catching poster features an easy-to-follow set of guidelines to help your child make a poster or leaflet.

Posters And Leaflets Display Poster.

The leaflet designs may be helpful, too.

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