Do you know that 80 percent of brain development happens during the womb? During pregnancy, an unborn baby develops neuro-neuronal connections such as reflexes, equilibrium, crucial motor control, and senses. They might not be capable of hearing or responding to external sounds. However, their brain is in active use, and they learn to connect with different neurons via stimulation from the mother’s brain.

And Garbh Sanskar is believed to aid the unborn baby since it can stimulate the infant’s brain and improve the brain’s function by providing some instruction. If you’re pregnant or planning to become a mommy and are curious whether Garbh Sanskar will benefit your baby, continue going through it. We will review everything we know about Garbh Sanskar and if it works.

What is Garbh Sanskar?

Garbh Sanskar could be a learning method for the fetus. Garbh Sanskar is a Sanskrit word that means to educate the unborn baby. “Garbh” refers to the womb, while Sanskar is a way of teaching or introducing beneficial values. Therefore, it’s an everyday practice of various actions (both physical and mental) which helps improve the material mental well-being spiritual and social of the child who is not yet born and the mother.

The idea of the method was derived from the religion of Hindu texts. For instance, the method by which Prahlad began to believe in Lord Vishnu even though he was born to his family Demon King Hiranyakashipu. Also, Abhimanyu learned about Chakravyuh through his dad’s pregnancy in Mahabharat.

Garbh Sanskar comprises 16 sacraments, known as sanskars, derived from older Vedas. It is primarily focused on the overall health and development of a child.

Different kinds of Garbh Sanskar activities for Pregnant women

According to the Garbh Sanskar expert, pregnant women must be physically, emotionally, and spiritually well. They recommend a variety of modifications to your lifestyle, including changes to the mind and body that improve the mother’s and baby’s overall health and well-being. In the next section, we’ll look at the six main aspects of Garbh Sankar for pregnant women to help them feel better about themselves and their babies.

Meditation during pregnancy

Stress in the daily routine, unhelpful lifestyle recommendations, and the extra stress of being pregnant can cause depression and self-harming thoughts among women. Many women experience severe mood swings, irritation, and anger that can affect their mental health and well-being. These emotions and thoughts are dangerous to the child who is still in the womb and may cause chronic diseases in the future. It has been scientifically established that babies subjected to tension during their fetus period are more likely to suffer from chronic illnesses like heart disease, respiratory infection, lung diseases, delays in learning, and high blood pressure, among others.

Additionally, stress can result in premature birth and intrauterine infections. It can also cause insufficient weight at birth and increase the chance of stillbirth. Regular meditation practice can boost your mental health throughout pregnancy. It can also positively impact the baby’s brain and assists in promoting the development of a healthy mind.

Music or sounds that soothe you to help you relax.

Based on Garbh Sanskar According to Garbh Sanskar, listening to and absorbing gentle music or sounds for calm is highly beneficial both for the mother and the baby. Classic music, lullabies, and melodies that boost positivity, confidence, and joy are all great for babies who are not yet born. Baby’s first hearing begins in the third trimester of pregnancy; therefore, choosing the appropriate music for relaxation is vital. Relaxing with soothing music or ragas like Bageshwari, Yaman, Malkauns, and Shaant is highly beneficial for both mother and child.

You should also beware of the loud and pounding music that can be abrasive to your ears. Exposure to music like this could affect the development of your baby. Furthermore, prolonged and repeated exposure to loud music may result in hearing loss or hearing loss for the infant.

Pregnancy yoga

We know the benefits of practicing yoga as part of our daily routine. Regular yoga practice improves our mental and physical capabilities and boosts overall well-being. It can also help make your body more prepared for birth and can help ease pregnancy-related pains and discomforts. But many don’t know that the benefits of yoga extend beyond that. The practice of yoga during pregnancy can be beneficial for the baby who is yet to be born. It improves oxygen and blood circulation within the mother’s body, and the baby is nourished with the right hormones essential to physical and mental growth.

Engage in creative hobbies.

Engaging in creative activities is a crucial part of Garbh Sanskar, which stimulates the brain. It can also aid in a child’s cognitive development. According to Garbh Sanskar, engaging in activities that promote your right and left brain can also boost your child’s mind and brain. Here are the recommended actions in the book of Garbh Sanskar.

For the Left Brain For the Left brain, play Uno games, cards crosswords, riddles and sudoku and reasoning games, memory games, and so on.

To stimulate your right brain, you can do some sketching, quilling, photography, painting, waste craft, DIY art playing musical instruments such as swings and knitting, gardening, etc.

Does Garbh Sanskar aid in saving the baby?

Many people doubt the efficacy of Garbh Sanskar’s actions and are unsure how they will help the child yet to be born. Various scientific studies have shown that a baby in the womb isn’t an object but has a functioning brain and the capacity to recognize when the outside provides stimulation. However, the mother can send the primary inspiration through the brain’s activity and emotions.

Additionally, the negative thoughts and feelings a mother experiences can affect the baby’s brain in the womb. Additionally, Sanskar’s activities are designed to positively influence the mother’s body and mind. So, practicing Garbh Sanskar activities can help your child’s overall development.


Garbh Sanskar’s programs instruct the child who is still in the womb before they begin their learning journey in the world of physical reality. It is a popular method for the general well-being of both child and mother. Garbh Sanskar is a practice that has been widely embraced. Garbh Sanskar is being supported by scientific research as many dies have proven that mothers are connected with their children; sending positive energy and stimulation to the brain through non-sankar activities helps them to develop and grow.