Childcare is more than just looking after children. A skilled nanny/caretaker understands that children need stimulation, entertainment, and education.

A child’s development of skills, awareness, and character depends on the right mix of activities. These are six activities that every child should have, regardless of whether they are yours or yours.

Music and art

Little ones love music and art. Music and art are great for children, whether they’re listening, singing, dancing, or using a simple instrument such as a triangle, tambourine, or triangle, to stimulate their imaginations, improve their motor skills, and help develop their awareness of the body. You can let your child explore their creativity using collage, painting, and construction. They will also be able to improve their motor and observation skills and feel proud when they have a finished product. Museum visits can be a wonderful way to understand and respect other cultures.


Reading should be a part of every child’s daily life. Children learn to recognize and use language when they are young. Children love books that stimulate their imaginations. They can also be used to teach morals, empathy, fairness and respect. Choose the right books for you.

Outdoor play

While the outdoor play is a great way for children to release their energy, playing outside has many other benefits. Running, jumping, climbing, or riding a scooter can broaden their creativity (a cubby home becomes a palace), improve gross motor skills, teach them about sharing and taking turns, and introduce new environments. When children learn to read and write later on, they may need good hand-limb coordination.


Cooking is an essential life skill. It can help children learn about nutrition and moderation. Children who add or stir ingredients can improve their motor skills, focus, attention span, counting, and ability to see cause and effect. Sharing and fairness are reinforced when cooking for friends or family. They might even help to portion the food so that everyone gets the same amount.


Gardening is a great way to educate children about food origins and the importance and responsibility of protecting it. Gardening can also be a way to teach children about responsibility and care (they must water their plants regularly to ensure they grow).

Cleaning up

Children learn to be responsible by having a designated clean-up time after every activity. This reinforces the idea that everyone can work together to achieve something.

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