It’s unbearably hot for adults now, but imagine how babies feel! A baby may show discomfort, such as being restless or unable to communicate their discomfort. This could lead to sleepless nights.

We have listed below a few ways that you can prevent babies from overheating.

The appropriate dress Consider the temperature of your room and dress your baby accordingly. A nappy and a cotton vest might be enough if the room is warm.

Cooling bath

Cooling down baby will be as easy as taking a quick, warm bath in lukewarm water. To make sure the water isn’t too cold, test it first.

Check the temperature

A room thermometer will help you ensure the temperature inside your home. The exact temperature will help you take the right action. You can also check your baby’s temperature by checking their back or using a thermometer.

Cool compress

Cooling your body with a cloth can help you to feel some relief.


Cotton sheets are the best choice for bedding. Be aware that temperatures can drop at night, so be prepared. It may be a good idea to move to a cooler area.

Sun protection

Keep babies under six months of age out of direct sunlight. Try to travel at the coolest time of the day if you must. Sun creams with SPF 30+ SPF are recommended for babies who will likely be outside in the sun. Cover the baby’s entire body with a scarf and sunhat to protect the neck and head.