We work closely with our families to find the right Nannies for them.

Nannies who make it to the stage of being invited for a family interview are to be proud. The family is already impressed by their experience and wants to meet them in person.

These are our top tips for making family interviews smooth and successful.

1. Parents depend on their Nanny to be on time. So, arriving late for interviews is not a good idea. Consider traffic delays and other factors when planning your journey. To avoid getting flustered, get there early. It is always a good idea to arrive 5-10 minutes before the scheduled time.

2. Bring items to share with the family. It will show initiative and give you something to refer back to during the interview. This can help calm nerves. You can use a Nanny folder to store qualifications certificates, thank you cards, photos, reference letters and activity ideas for children.

3. Take the time to read the job description. Research the area to see what activities you can incorporate into the job. This will let your family know you are interested and allow them to see you in the role.

4. Remember that you only get one chance to impress. Wear smart casual clothes and use perfume, jewellery, and make-up sparingly. Parents and children might be sensitive to certain scents. Comfort is key when you think about the Nanny role. You could be judged negatively if you dress too formal, wear impractical items, or show too much skin.

5. To show interest in the job, prepare questions you would like to ask your parents. Ask about their children and routines to see how you might fit in.

5. To prepare for any questions your parents may ask, make sure to have some answers. Be calm, and don’t be surprised if you get caught off guard. Use your past experiences. You can bet that your parents would also like to know more about you and how you might fit in with their family.

7. Being yourself is the most important thing. Use positive examples and experiences as a Nanny, to be honest. Please talk about the children you have cared for in the past and how they shaped your career as a Nanny. Smile and let your personality shine.

8. Engage with children if they are present. Parents may be looking to see how you interact and respond to them. This will show parents that you are passionate about working with children.

9. Always be polite. Be polite to your parents. It is important to end interviews on a positive note.

10. Every family and every Nanny are different. Don’t take it personally if you don’t get the job. You can use the experience to learn. Parents are always welcome to give feedback after an interview so we can offer constructive feedback to Nannies. You have so many wonderful jobs, so stay positive!